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About Us

At Bandhavgarh you will be the guest of Neeraj Pathania and his team. Neeraj is well known for his work with National Geographic and Discovery Channel and his travels with Mark Shand, featuring prominently in Mark's book, River Dog. He was the expedition leader for the "Elephant vision" National Geographic film with Caroline Casey & Kanchi. He is in hospitality trade since 1994 and having a dream of perfect wildlife set up with people for people.

Bagh Sarai is proud of his team and his dedication, our family is growing and all of them are smiling & shining stars of us.

Bagh Sarai is always thankful to everyone who is involved with our wildlife project.

A special thanks to Rishi Chandel our resident Manager for his commendable performance for the year 2007-2008.

Soren is promoted as supervisor we wish him all success in his life. Reason he has been promoted – excellent performance –intelligence- learning English showing good academic results.

More about Neeraj and his work. Neeraj Pathania Founder & Managing Director Bagh Sarai Resorts Private Limited.What we can say about Neeraj Both Jo & I have 50 years in this Industry and we think he's the best man-manager we've met. We both would count Neeraj as a good friend and a wonderful,honest and caring man.Credits on organised Expiditions,Films and Camps (1) Journey across the Bhramaputra 2 months- River Dog a travel book by Mark Shand (2) India Diaries all over India 5 months BBC NH (3) Elephant vision 120days N.G.C (4) South of India DISCOVERY CHANNEL (5) Atlas HD 8 Months DISCOVERY CHANNEL (6) Himanchal Pradesh Himalaya (7) Camp in Sonepur.National.Geographic.Channel (8) Camp in Chunnar on River Ganges for Varanasi BBC NH (9) Greater Raan of Kutch.National Geographic Channel (10) Camp for Ardh Kumbh Ujjain DISCOVERY CHANNEL (11) Camps in Siliguri & Arunachal Pradesh.National Geographic Channel (12) Discovery Channel HD Atlas Hemis Karokoram. FILMS CREDITS (1) "India diaries" series of six short films. (Location Manager-camera) (2) Elephant wars (N.G.C) (3) Travel with my Eunuch (N.G.C) (4) Black Magic (N.G.C) (5) Final Frontier (N.G.C) (6) Keeping the faith (N.G.C) (7) The Last Dance (N.G.C) (8) Elephant Vision 90 mints film. (N.G.C) (9) Dark side of Elephants. (N.G.C) (10) Atlas India 90 mints film. (Discovery & BBC NH joint) (11) Asian Elephants. (Granada For N.G.C)(12) Woburn Safari Park UK. (Flat dogs films) (13) Around the world in Eighty Ways. (14) Magzine Marie Claire -UK Edition –"Riding High" (No: 606341) Many more to share Thank you. Bagh Sarai Resorts

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