When the construction work commenced, involvement of locals was hundred percent. We started picking up some of the young talents from them. A young boy who worked as laborer is now a proud supervisor of Bagh Sarai Resort. Alike him, we have the entire staff from the local village, who were trained and employed. Bagh Sarai takes care of the welfare of at least six households in the village. Our entire staff enjoys a respectful job with handsome earnings to give a new shape to their respective families. With help of Bagh Sarai their houses are now in such a shape so as to face the monsoon.

Bagh Sarai is also committed in welfare of village girls. We have even helped in weddings of some poor girls in village. We believe in co-existence and co-development,thus developing cone locals. Bagh Sarai is almost set to provide scholarships to the girls & boys of local poor families and encourage them for higher studies.

Bagh Sarai has also reserved a portion of its land, which shall be donated to the village council for developing a first class dispensary with lifesaving equipment as the nearest hospital is 25 km. from this place and is ill equipped.

As our staffs are locals and still naive, we urge you for soft pitched and slow paced conversations to help them understand well and serve you better. They are tribal, keen to learn things very quickly, but only with love and affection. The moment you step into Bagh Sarai, you will be treated as one of our family members.

With a visit to Bagh Sarai you shall help our project for wildlife and mankind. We are running against the time to save tiger & tribal community, both endangered on this planet.

Responsible Tourism