Bandhavgarh National Park, State: Madhya Pradesh, Country: India. One of the best places in the world seeing Asian wild tigers in wildThe resort is a creation of love with wildlife and Mother Nature and its beautiful people.

It's a perfect blend of hard work dedication by creating a unique village typology that serves the ultimate aim of creating a true eco wildlife conscious project uniting conservation, communities and sustainable tourism. With vision of Neeraj Pathania who tried to build the whole place as wild and natural not an easy task but as his dream project he and his team tried to develop a world class place following the soft pug marks of the tiger. Youth been selected & trained by Neeraj Pathania and now they are handling the Bagh Sarai non less then any top hotel staff they always serve guest with smile and happiness

The design was purely all ancient methods that served to unify and balance wildlife and nature within and around the entire resort one can feel the spirit of the place.

The contemporary modest architecture and interiors blends effortlessly with the Jungle.

The Private Bungalow (Jhopri)

The Private Bungalows lay out along an alliance that blends with the peaceful open agriculture land surrounded by all forest and Sal trees -birds, jackals, black face Monkey.

The Bungalows have been planned with utmost care without spoiling the mood of nature – all bungalows with traditional look as "Johpri" the traditional tribal village houses.

First time somewhere in the world perfect blend of our experience and tradition used together to develop the bungalows and the roof of all the bungalows has Four layers the first layer thatch the second layer bamboo raft and wood blocks the third Layer is of Canvas the last layer is fine cotton liner.

By this way when temperature hot outside you feel cooler inside your "Jhopri" (Bungalow Room) when temperature cold outside of room then you feel warmer inside. This way we tried to make best use of Mother Nature adopting eco friendly methods.

Bungalows has huge space inside and outside gives a privacy and peace, all wooden flooring. Bath with shower, Bath tab and toilets en suit but separated to be used at same time.

The natural scenery has been incorporated with the design, giving it an open feel. Nature has been brought into the interiors. Garden chair placed in front of the bungalows for perfect view encountering birds & other wildlife.

Our Resort