The resort has been designed on ancient philosophy of unifying and balancing wildlife and nature,inside and around the resort. The contemporary modest architecture and interiors blend seamlessly with the Jungle.

The Private Bungalow (Cottage)

The Private Bungalowshave been laid along an alliance that blends with the peaceful open agriculture land, surrounded by forest and wildlife.

The Bungalows have been planned with utmost care, without spoiling the mood of nature. They have been given the look of a "Johpri", the traditional tribal village house. It's first of its kind blend of our experience and tradition. The roof of bungalows havefour layers, first layer thatch the second layer made of bamboo raft and wood blocks, the third Layer is that of Canvas with the last layer being fine cotton lining. This four layered eco-friendly roof helps maintain room temperature in different seasons. While in summer, it keeps the room cool, the room feels warm during winter.

The wooden floored Bungalows have huge space inside and outside, and also privacy and peace. They also equipped with shower, Bath tab and toilets in suite. To give a feel of the nature around, the bungalows have been designed such so as to give them an open feel.

The Theme and ethics

The bungalows have been kept khaki in shade as the resort is situated within a jungle and wildlife around. The connecting walkways, the detailing of lighting in harmony with the natural plantation all come together. You might spot a Jackal walking on these paths along with you, proving how comfortable the wildlife is, with our setup.

The Nature and mankind

Most materials have been procured from the local villages,helping the community monetarily. The highlight is the Khaki /Red stone color on all the walls. Quarters of our kitchen staff also have similar shade,that is our code of jungle. All interior walls of the Private Bungalows are made of the waste of marble (paste) without plaster or any other chemically treated paints.

Jackal's House- The Bar

The central structure that houses the reception and the restaurant also has a separate sitting area and a beautifully designed bar known as Jackal's house.

Shikaar Tents

For tourists looking at further rustic economic package, we have introduced elegant Shikaar tents situated in a private area, with just basics of accommodation. These tents draw their name 'Shikaar' from the tents meant for Maharaja's during their jungle excursions in the Mughal era. Shikaar tents are next to Jackal's house with cozy Twin beds, side table, rack for luggage, study lamp, two garden chairs outside the tent. There's an attached bath with running tap hot water, on request, a washbasin with mirror and English commode.



The Mohini

We have a small souvenir shop 'Mohini', named after a famous tigress. The shop has all handmade and excellent creations by the local tribes. The shop is run on principal of 'No Profit, No Loss'. Fund raised by purchases from the shop goes into welfare of the tribal staff.

Bagh Sarai Accommodation called Atulya Kanchi Camp